How to get your novelty id... 
and so much more

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Hello and welcome to! As you've probably heard,  the original id chief got shut down by the government and budding alcoholics are at a loss as to where to find a legitimate fake id. Well, look no further (well, maybe just a bit) because we at have a solution for you!*

1) First thing that you have to do is download TOR browser. TOR is necessary for this and if all goes well, you can uninstall it and never look at it again.

And if you have problems with that, you're probably retarded.

2) Anyway, the next thing you have to do is go to the weird part of the internet. The majestic, the elusive: silk road marketplace. What is silk road marketplace, you ask? It's a website where you can buy drugs, fireworks, forged college degrees, and pretty much anything else illegal**. And, of course, novelty ID's.

Here's where TOR comes in: you need it to access silk road marketplace because they specialize in anonymity. Note that loading times are somewhat diminished.

link (open in TOR): http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/

3) The first thing you should see is a window that looks like this:

So, click on the link that says "click here to join" and everything after that is extremely straightforward and can probably be done by a gorilla with Down Syndrome.

Anyway, if you have proven that you are, in fact, smarter than a gorilla with Down Syndrome, you should reach a window that looks like this:

Once everything is nice and loaded, look over on the left side of the screen and click on forgeries. As soon as you click on it, you see a bunch of ads for sellers with novelty id's. If not, you can look in the top left corner and click on Fake IDs (it's a subcategory under Forgeries) to narrow down your results.

4) Take your time to browse through and pick an id that you like, seeing as you're more than likely going to spend $100+ on a decent one. I would recommend going for old sellers with a lot of positive reviews so that you know the seller can be trusted. New sellers usually have their products listed at a cheaper price, but without any customer reviews, you're always taking a slight risk.

5) Now is the tricky part: the currency. See that weird symbol in front of the price? That is the symbol for bitcoins. Now, bitcoins are a little weird: bitcoin is an anonymous (hence why it is used on SR) all-digital form of currency. For more information on bitcoins and/or how to acquire them, click this link: (link pending)

6) All right, now that you've gotten yourself some bitcoins, go nuts!

Some SR tips:
- look for a trusted vendor (one with a high rating)
- ALWAYS contact the seller before ordering your product. This is essential because you can clear up any questions you have about your product, shipping security and stealth, etc.
-NEVER finalize early (finalize your order before you receive your ID). The way SR works is that you pay your bitcoins through a third party service, and then they go to the vendor when your order is finalized. This is a security measure, enabled to prevent scammers (both buyer and seller).
- If, for some reason, you think that you have been scammed, do not immediately click the resolve button. First, contact the seller and see if you can resolve the issue without the SR authorities. If you cannot reach any sort of resolution, click the button and have the authorities deal with it.

Hope you enjoy your novelty ID!

As you may be able to tell, we're not quite finished with the site or guide, so feel free to stop by occasionally for updated material!

* laws regarding novelty id's differ from state to state; in some places, it is lillegal to own a novelty ID for any reason. In others, you may be able to possess one under special circumstances. In other areas, you may be allowed to possess one so long as you never use it. Know your local laws and follow them accordingly.
** we do not condone illegal activity, this website is for entertainment and informational use ONLY.

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